Stephen King Shares His Thoughts On Upcoming It Adaptation


The big screen adaptations of Stephen King’s novels have been more than a little hit and miss, but expectations for It are high. That’s despite some behind the scenes issues which saw the departure of original director Cary Fukunaga (True Detective), not to mention official images of Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise the Clown that were widely ridiculed after appearing online last year.

Things are looking good for the project, though, as It producer Seth Grahame-Smith took to Instagram today to share some news which is sure to make fans of both King and this particular novel very happy indeed. As you can see in the Instagram post below, he shared a message revealing that the author has given the movie his seal of approval.

King has never shied away from being critical of the way his novels have been adapted, with The Shining being a perfect example of a film he’s never had a problem tearing apart (despite the fact it often tops lists of the best big screen takes on his work).

Andrés Muschietti is in the director’s chair for this version of It, which it’s thought will be the first of two movies. The second part will shift the focus to the adults, as they return home years later to battle Pennywise. The film will star Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis and Finn Wolfhard, and is set to be released on September 8th.

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