The Autopsy Of Jane Doe Trailer Cuts Deep With Emile Hirsch And Brian Cox


As we enter the blistering cold month of December, there’s never a bad time to snuggle up by the fire, grab some popcorn and watch a scary movie. At least, that’s what the team behind André Øvredal‘s The Autopsy of Jane Doe hopes. While the season tidings start bringing Christmas cheer, they’re ready to deliver some disturbing horror to tide a few not-so-jolly people over during the holidays. Everyone likes something different in their stocking, right?

Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch star as a father-son coroner team. One is still grieving over the lost of his wife, while the latter is considering leaving the family business for good. But when a mysterious unidentified body is given to them late one night, they discover that there’s something not quite right about the project they’ve been tasked with that evening. Horror ensue.

Those who saw The Autopsy of Jane Doe at Fantastic Fest earlier this year praised it for its strong performances and focus on character in the service of the scares, as well as amplifying mood in the process. As a general forewarning, though, this new trailer digs a little too deep into spoiler territory. So if you’re looking to check the film out when it hits later this month, you might be well advised to hit the pause button around the halfway mark. Just a note of courtesy.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe hits VOD first on December 20, followed by a limited theatrical run starting December 21st. Those who are familiar with the underground Norwegian hit Trollhunter might recognize the filmmaker behind the project. This new movie will serve as his follow-up to the highly-praised 2010 genre flick. We’re just hoping it doesn’t take another six years before he decides to make his next film.