The Internet Remembers That Avatar 2 Was Originally Set To Be Released Today


James Cameron is known for taking his sweet time when it comes to putting a movie together, and when Avatar 2 finally hits theaters in December 2022, if it still makes that date obviously, it’ll mark just his third feature film in 28 years. Prolific certainly wouldn’t be the word used to describe him, then, but he tends to find himself getting distracted by things like diving to the deepest depths of the ocean, becoming heavily involved in social activism and pioneering the technological advancement of cinema.

Avatar may have become the highest-grossing movie ever made when it arrived in December 2009, and until Avengers: Endgame came along a decade later nothing had even come within $700 million of matching the sci-fi blockbuster’s box office total except Cameron’s own Titanic, but it wouldn’t be unfair to say the world of Pandora has failed to make the seismic impression on pop culture that the creator would have been hoping for.

Avatar 2 was originally set to hit theaters today, and because the internet never forgets anything, social media had a field day with a three year-old tweet confirming the release date, as you can see below.

The second installment has now finished filming, so Avatar 2 might actually be in the can and on the big screen in two years from now, but the crew are shooting three of these behemoths back to back at a cost of over a billion dollars, which means that the creative team might find themselves getting a little distracted by the sheer scale of the production.

Besides, Avatar 2 is currently on its eighth different release date as it is, so nobody is going to be surprised in the slightest if it ends up being delayed at least a couple more times.