Avatar 2 Test Footage Shown Off At Siggraph


Believe it or not, Avatar 2 is coming. We swear, it’s in the works and it will most definitely arrive in theatres at some point in the future. James Cameron is still chipping away at the script and is working hard to perfect the technology needed to make the film possible. In fact, this past week, producer Jon Landau showed off some test footage of the film during a computer graphics conference called Siggraph.

The Hollywood Reporter was on hand to see what was presented. Check out their report below:

He then showed a series of clips, starting with a live capture created on a stage last November, which was set on Pandora and featured a human as well as the Na’vi. “This was our first foray into what we wanted to do,” Landau told the audience, pointing to noticeable improvements in aspects of the image including lighting and shadows.

The next examples came out of Autodesk’s virtual production software Motion Builder, and again showed a notable advancement in quality. “Ultimately our goal is to get to this on stage [for live capture],” he said. “This is going to allow Jim to light the scenes and make the process more efficient … and focus on what is most important—the close up. Movies about storytelling.”

Sure, it’s not much to go on but it’s still nice to know that Landau and Cameron are hard at work on the much-anticipated sequel. It will likely be some time before we get our first look at the film, let alone see it in theatres, but at least we know that it will be visually stunning and push the boundaries much like its predecessor did.

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