Avatar Set To Dethrone Avengers: Endgame As World’s Biggest Movie This Weekend


The battle of the titans is back on. In 2019, Avengers: Endgame‘s historic theatrical run brought in just enough cash worldwide for it to nudge James Cameron’s Avatar out of the top spot and be crowned the planet’s biggest ever movie. It’s enjoyed about 18 months or so in that position but now, thanks to the sci-fi epic returning to cinemas in China, its reign might be about to be cut short as Avatar is on the verge of reclaiming its throne.

The 2009 mega hit was re-released in the nation over the weekend and seeing as China is enjoying a huge box office boom right now, thanks to COVID-19 being a thing of the past in that region, this could prove key in pushing Avatar‘s total past Endgame‘s. According to Deadline’s intel, its current haul for the weekend is $5.8 million, as of Saturday morning, and seeing how close it is between the two juggernauts, it seems a safe bet to assume that it’s endgame time for Endgame. 

The Marvel flick, as directed by the Russo brothers, stands at a global gross of $2.797 billion. Cameron’s film, meanwhile, is at $2.789 billion at present. All China’s re-release needs to do, then, is earn Avatar just over an extra $7 million and it’ll break into that coveted number one placement once again. Of course, while this is a thrilling race for movie fans, Disney execs are laughing either way, as since their acquisition of Fox, the studio owns both properties.

Cameron has been busy developing a bunch of ambitious Avatar sequels over the past decade, and he’s finally about ready to unveil them to the world. Avatar 2 is poised to release in December 2022, and three additional chapters in the Pandora-set saga will then unfold every other Christmas until part five arrives in December 2028. Of course, the Marvel machine continues on, too, and Black Widow is the next one due to hit cinemas, debuting this May.

Source: Deadline