More Leaked Avengers 4 Concept Art Reveals New Look For Vision


Following yesterday’s leak of two intriguing pieces of concept art for Avengers 4, another duo of similar images have hit the web which reveal that one of the characters who perished at the end of Infinity War will return in its upcoming sequel – and they just might get a new look, too.

Specifically, we’re talking about Vision, who was killed when Thanos tore the Mind Stone out of his head. In these concept art images, though, the android’s back and he’s swapped his purple and green color scheme for an all over bleached look.

As with the previous leaks, we can’t confirm yet that these are genuine, but they’re certainly intriguing. Some folks have pointed out that one of them appears to reuse artwork from Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is suspicious, but it’s also worth mentioning that these were first shared on Reddit and deleted very shortly afterwards, suggesting that they weren’t meant to be seen yet.

In any case, check out Vision’s new design in the gallery below:

Fans familiar with the comic books will know that Vision’s ghostly appearance here is lifted from the pages of the West Coast Avengers run in which he was re-assembled after being dismantled. It helped give the character an otherworldly look that reminded us that he’d effectively been resurrected from the dead. If this is what Vision’ll be like in the next film, it’ll have a very similar purpose.

But how could the character return in Avengers 4? Well, he’d actually be one of the easiest heroes to revive as he wasn’t reduced to dust by Thanos. Shuri was working on a way to save Vision’s brain without the Mind Stone, so it’s possible this could prove to be the key to bringing him back. Paul Bettany’s robot was mostly out of action for Infinity War but if he returned, with his various powers working, then he’d certainly be a very handy ally to have when going up against Thanos again.

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