Avengers 4 Directors Jokingly Fire Mark Ruffalo On Twitter


What’s the title of Avengers 4? That’s been a huge mystery for Marvel fans ever since the film’s original moniker – simply Avengers: Infinity War – Part Two – was scrapped. We’d thought it might arrive once Infinity War hit cinemas, but even though the movie’s now been out for months, there’s still no sign of the title materializing.

A form of hope came through earlier today though when Mark Ruffalo revealed that he’d accidentally dropped a big spoiler on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Of course, many assumed that he’d let slip the title, and sure enough, he did. Except, it was bleeped out.

If you caught the show, you’ll have seen it for yourself, along with the moment when he spoiled a couple of scenes from the film, too. But again, everything was bleeped out and we’re totally in the dark as to what Ruffalo actually said. It seems he’s still gotten in some trouble, though, as Avengers 4 directors Anthony and Joe Russo have now taken to Twitter to lay down the law, Tweeting: Mark, you’re fired.

Of course, they’re just joking. Or at least, we hope they are. But what’s interesting is that before everything was bleeped out on The Tonight Show and Jimmy asked Mark to reveal the title, the actor did say that it’s already out there. Could he be confirming that last night’s leak, which said the title was Avengers: Annihilation, is real? It’s certainly possible. Or, on the other hand, he could just be trolling us, as Marvel surely knows about the leak already.

Either way, it’s clear that we’re getting pretty close now to learning the true title of Avengers 4, and whether it’s Annihilation or something else entirely, we can only hope that it’s worth all this hype and secrecy.

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