Avengers 4 Directors Tease The Importance Of Wakanda In The MCU’s Future


Black Panther introduced a whole new corner of the Marvel universe to explore in the shape of King T’Challa himself and the incredible, affluent, technologically-advanced land of Wakanda. Seeing how well the film was received and how it bulldozed its way through the box office, you can bet we’ll have many more movies to come in the franchise. What’s more, though, the awesome African nation will be of great importance to the wider MCU as well.

That’s what Avengers 4 directors Joe and Anthony Russo have teased while talking with Wired. Joe promised that not only will Chadwick Boseman be a prominent hero moving forward, but Wakanda will also prove to be significant in how the world deals with the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War.

“Black Panther has tremendous potential as a character in the Marvel universe and I think Wakanda is essential to what ever may happen post Avengers: Infinity War to how the world may deal with what has happened to them. Chadwick’s portrayal of that character adds a whole new level to the Marvel universe. He’s bringing a quiet intensity and regality to that character.”

It’s obvious what Russo is referring to here. Apparently, Wakanda’s key to helping the world continue after Thanos reduced the population by half at the end of IW. As for how the country can be of aid, Joe went on to give an intriguing tease that Wakanda’s tech will help out with “repairing the world” in Avengers 4. 

“The technology that Wakanda has at its disposal is valuable to repairing the world moving forward.”

Wakanda already was a major location in Infinity War, as Captain America chose the nation as the battleground for the Earth-bound Avengers’ confrontation with Thanos’ forces. However, it was left without a king by the end of the movie when T’Challa was one of those dusted by the Mad Titan.

Presumably, that means Shuri will take over as the queen of Wakanda (at least, for a while). And seeing how the young princess is a genius who designed much of the capital city’s latest tech herself, we can start to see how Wakanda will be able to help the rest of the world in Avengers 4, which is set to hit theaters on May 3rd.