Rumor Suggests Endgame Is The Secret Subtitle Of Avengers 4


Infinity Gauntlet is not the hidden title of Avengers 4, that much we know, but as the Internet begins to collect itself after the unforgettable Infinity War and its equally unforgettable finale, one contender has emerged as a possible frontrunner: Endgame.

And this isn’t just another throwaway rumor to toss on the pile; towards the end of Infinity War, Benedict Cumberbatch’s visibly wounded Sorcerer Supreme utters the phrase, “we’re in the endgame now,” soon after he informs Tony Stark that of the 14-odd million scenarios and outcomes that he glimpsed via the Time Stone, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes only succeeded in one.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that Marvel Studios has chosen ‘Endgame’, as ‘Avengers: Disassembled’ was also floated as a possible title some weeks ago. Still, given the calamitous, downright apocalyptic events of Infinity War, the MCU is very much approaching its own endgame, so the Infinity Gauntlet glove certainly fits.

To his credit, Kevin Feige continues to warn fans that the furore over Avengers 4 and its super-secret title has been blown out of proportion, as there’s no way Marvel’s eventual reveal will live up to expectations. Or, on the other hand, curious fans will solve the mystery before the cat’s out of the bag.

Via Collider:

Although it will be quite evident that the films obviously connect, as all our films do, but this, in particular, connects very directly. And then we changed the Part One and Part Two, we said let’s just keep this Infinity War and we’ll talk about the next movie later. We had done things in the past that had taken attention off of whatever the film at hand is because we talked about this. For instance, Infinity War announcing before Ultron came out, and it worked out, it was fine, but it felt like let’s keep the attention on the film at hand.

Now that Infinity War is out in the wild, and making a pretty penny in the process, moviegoers currently have one eye trained on Avengers 4 (Avengers: Endgame?) ahead of its own release on May 3rd, 2019. So it shouldn’t be too much longer before Marvel delivers the answer fans so crave.

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