Gorgeous Avengers 4 Fan Art Unites Four Of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes


Things looked pretty dire for the galaxy at the end of Infinity War, with half of its greatest protectors turned to ash. But, if you look on the bright side, some of the biggest hitters on the team are still around for next year’s Avengers 4. And, fueled with anger at so many deaths, all they need is the right motivation to go against Thanos once again and give him everything they’ve got. And that motivation might just take the form of a blonde woman in red and blue known as Captain Marvel.

Yes, Carol Danvers is on her way and this awesome Avengers 4 fan art imagines what it might look like when the big three of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – Iron Man, Captain America and Thor – unite with her on the battlefield for the first time. If we were Thanos facing this group, we’d be quaking in our golden boots.

Check it out below:

The first trailer for March’s Captain Marvel got fans excited to see just what the heroine could do against the Mad Titan. The final money shot of the teaser, which saw her engulfed with flame-like energy looked like it could definitely give the villain, even with his Infinity Gauntlet, a run for his money.

That said, that’s not to say the other trio wouldn’t be able to face him on their own. They were extremely close to beating him in Infinity War, after all. Tony might be the only one who can get inside Thanos’ head, as they’re very much alike, while Cap was somehow able to stand against him in a fight for a surprisingly long time. And Thor, of course, came the closest to killing him with a near-fatal blow from Stormbreaker (he really should have gone for the head, though).

Hopefully they’ll learn from their mistakes in Avengers 4 and, with Captain Marvel’s help, will be able to show Thanos who’s boss. Of course, they’ll probably have the aid of time travel as well to alter MCU continuity how they see fit. Either way, though, the Mad Titan’s going down.

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