Gorgeous Avengers 4 Fan Poster Gives Cap A Perfect Goodbye


Steve Rogers has had a hard life. Being turned from a scrawny weakling into a super-soldier may have made him physically stronger, but the process didn’t exactly improve his lot in life.

Over the course of the MCU, he spent decades frozen solid before being revived into the chaotic modern day world. His time in the present has seen him continually fighting – saving the world from an alien invasion and being hunted by the government after the events of The Winter Soldier and Civil War. Come Infinity War, he’s an outlaw and known as a war criminal, all for doing what he feels is right. Oh well, at least he found the time to grow an awesome beard.

Given Marvel Studios’ stated desire to introduce new characters in the next phase of the MCU, together with Rogers’ inherently self-sacrificing nature, many fans think it’s unlikely that he’s going to make it through Avengers 4. As such, this new poster by Instagram user Ultraraw26 imagines a touching closing image for the MCU’s noblest hero.

This really rather gorgeous piece of work shows Steve reunited with Agent Peggy Carter on the dance floor. The origins of the image lie in their nascent relationship in The First Avenger, when just prior to his heroic destruction of the Red Skull’s flying wing, Rogers promised Agent Carter that he would see her on the dance floor very soon.

While they were briefly reunited in the modern day when Steve visited her in a nursing home prior to her death, the pair never got the long-promised dance. That broken promise has clearly been on Rogers’ mind ever since though, as proven by his Scarlet Witch induced hallucination in Age of Ultron.

As such, if Avengers 4 does see Steve Rogers’ long war finally coming to an end, I can’t think of a more moving way for him to go out than referencing this key moment.