New Avengers 4 Theory Outlines Who Will Live And Who Will Die


Given the various sequels that Marvel Studios either officially or presumably have in the works, it seems all but guaranteed that the upcoming Avengers 4 will find a way to undo a good few of the deaths featured in Infinity War, particularly in the genocidal dusting sequence of the film’s climax. At the same time, however, it seems equally inevitable that next year’s release will be bringing us a few fresh fatalities that aren’t likely to be undone anytime soon.

With that in mind, hopefully you won’t think we’re getting our franchises mixed up when we say it’s time for a dead pool. This latest set of predictions comes courtesy of Reddit user Meme_abstinent, who makes quite a few valid points in their personal rundown of which Phase 1 Avengers are most and least likely to live to see the end of Marvel’s Phase 3.

The post starts off on a positive note by suggesting some likely survivors, explaining:

“Tony will most likely live.Though a lot of people expect him to die for maximum emotional impact there is simply [too] great of a use for him afterwards. Plus they have hinted at his retirement for too long and has a baby on the way. Sure Marvel can and will get sad, but that is too tragic.

Widow will live.She basically has a movie confirmed. And with Deadpool coming over to the MCU (introducing rated R Marvel Movies) you know damn well they will make it rated R.

Thor will live.His character has been redefined, his friends have been changed entirely, and frankly he’s too many peoples’s new favorite Avenger. Safe.”

Next up, Meme_abstinent is ironically 50-50 on a character who’s well known for his split personality.

Banner [is] 50/50.*If he lives, he’s crippled. Leaked promo art reveals a possibly fused Hulk and Banner so that could be a good way to end his character arc. However, that also leaves for a lot of further development for Hulk/Banner, and with the Fantastic Four coming over Marvel may want to see Strange, Tony, Banner and Reed together on screen. Very split.”

With these possible survivors out the way, we now move into the darkest section of the post.

Hawkeye will die.Great in small doses, Hawkeye will actually be an active Avenger in Avengers 4 because his family fell victim from Thanos’ snap. Or his kids did or something. So dying to bring his family back would be extremely noble and emotional. Plus at least 2 Avengers have to die so there you go.

Steve will definitely die.That completes his arc properly, and that would prompt the governments of the world to amend the Sokovia Accords Plus when Avengers 4 started filming, there was a casting call for a funeral scene. Beyond anyone else in the MCU it would be Steve Rodgers to be given a grand funeral. This one is more theory, but it is so much easier plot wise to see a distressed Tony watching Steve be put to rest than the other way around. Or maybe it’s both their funerals. Or all of them.”

While death is usually the end, Meme_abstinent’s post continues with its own equivalent of a post-credits sequence, offering a few more life-and-death predictions on the upcoming film.

Bonus Round:

That other half the universe is alive.
Kinda. In the Soul Stone. That or time travel but either way by the end of it those who were snapped out INCLUDING THE HEROES will be alive. No snapped heroes will die.

Thanos will die…Or get trapped in Soul Stone.
The stakes are huge, life and death and the intensity and emotional impact of Thanos dying (rather than escaping or being taken alive) is too high. I hope he [doesn’t] but…oh well.

Gamora is alive.Sorta. In the Soul Stone. That’s been basically confirmed in the director commentary on the Infinity War DVD. Plus with GOTG 3 coming out please, Gamora is safe.”

Honestly, for the most part, this Reddit user’s ideas seem pretty well reasoned, but that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of worthy arguments to be made to dispute these guesses. Fan theorizing is never going to be an exact science, and you can expect the debates and predictions to continue right up until the point that Avengers 4 lays the speculation to rest when it lands in cinemas on May 3rd, 2019.