Could Avengers 4 Feature Flashback Scenes To Gamora And Nebula’s Past?


MCU fans have always been fascinated by the backstory of adoptive sisters Gamora and Nebula. Trained to be expert killing machines by their “father” Thanos, the pair eventually turned against the Mad Titan and will soon be allying with the Avengers in order to defeat him in Infinity War and its sequel, currently titled Avengers 4.

While their past is a major part of their characters, we didn’t get to see any flashbacks to it in either of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Thankfully, though, that could be about to change quite soon.

In a video featuring MCU cast and crew members supporting a Red Cross donation drive, fans have spotted that Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan are wearing some familiar looking outfits. Check it out look below and see if you can spot the significance of the threads they’re in.

In case you couldn’t tell, these are the costumes worn by the pair in 2014’s first Guardians movie. As fans of Reddit quickly inferred, this implies that Avengers 4 will take us back to that era of the characters’ lives, with the most likely explanation for this being that flashbacks will fill in the important gap of their “upbringing” by Thanos.

While this is far from confirmed, revisiting the sisters’ past history with the Mad Titan makes a lot of sense, so we imagine that this speculation may amount to something. After all, showing us the abuse Thanos put them through would help us understand the characters’ personal drive to bring him down and also further prove just how evil the giant purple tyrant really is. At the same time, flashbacks could also explore the Black Order, Thanos’ squad of elite generals that will be introduced in the next Avengers flick.

Time will tell whether any of this pans out, but as of now, we’d say that it’s pretty likely that Avengers 4 will be diving deep into the history of Gamora and Nebula, which has us very excited indeed.

Source: Reddit

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