Gorgeous Avengers 4 Fan Art Sees Iron Man Wield The Infinity Gauntlet


Avengers: Infinity War hit cinemas about a month ago, but we’re still not over its MCU-shattering climax. For once, our heroes lost, as their nemesis Thanos managed to snap his fingers and use the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half of all life in the universe, including many beloved characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy. In short, it looks like the remaining Avengers are trapped in a desperate situation.

The key to undoing what Thanos has done, though, would be for the heroes to get hold of the Infinity Gauntlet themselves in Avengers 4. And, seeing as he’s practically the leader of the team, it’d make the most sense for Tony Stark’s Iron Man to be the one to wield the all-powerful weapon, right?

Could this be on the cards, though? Who knows, but one talented fan has imagined what it might look like via a gorgeous piece of art, which you can check out down below.

This beautiful piece sees Iron Man clenching his fists as if activating the Gauntlet, with the six Infinity Stones beginning to glow just as they did when Thanos committed “The Snap.” In a cool design choice, the Gauntlet is even integrated into the Iron Man armor.

So, what are the chances of this image coming to life in Avengers 4? Well, not very high based on the evidence at the end of Infinity War, but you never know. The last time we saw the Infinity Gauntlet, the Mad Titan had retired to some backwater planet and taken it with him. What’s more, the weapon seems to have been burned out by the unbelievable scope of Thanos’ actions.

That said, even if the Gauntlet is out of commission, it’s still theorized that the Avengers could harness the Infinity Stones in different ways in order to restore the universe to how it was. Avengers 4 set photos have teased, as well as time travel being involved, that our heroes will sport hand-held devices which could hold the Stones. Seeing as there are six original Avengers, it’s possible they’ll each have one. Chalk that up as speculation for now, but as soon as we get something concrete, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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