Avengers 4 Prelude Comic Won’t Reveal The Title


And so another trailer-related Avengers 4 theory is laid to rest. As November came and went with no sign of footage, the upcoming Avengers 4 Prelude comic was taken as a source of hope by many, with the popular assumption being that the film’s teaser – or at the very least, the official title – would be unveiled prior to the first issue’s release on Wednesday, December 5th. After all, surely Marvel wouldn’t release a Prelude comic to a movie that doesn’t even have a name yet, right?

Sadly, it seems that the internet had it wrong again, as a user on Twitter has shared a photo of the first issue’s cover, which simply reads “Avengers Prelude.” Though this cover had been officially released online before, fans could still cling to the possibility that this wasn’t the final version, since Marvel Studios would presumably want to save the Avengers 4 title reveal for a more high-profile platform than the preview image of a comic. Nonetheless, the cover we saw before looks to be the real thing, which means that the studio is under no obligation to reveal a title or a trailer prior to this issue coming out.

The funny thing is that even though this particular theory has been proven wrong by the facts, there’s still a good chance that both the trailer and the title were going to be with us tomorrow, with various noteworthy reports alleging that the footage would premiere on Good Morning America. Nonetheless, those same sources are now saying that the teaser has been delayed.

That being said, the internet’s various Marvel leakers are still predicting that the Avengers 4 trailer is coming later this week, and better yet, some Spider-Man: Far From Home material could be just around the corner too. We’ll believe it when we see it, but at the very least, you can expect this new comic to hold a few clues of what’s to come in next year’s release.