Avengers 4 Star Chris Evans Talks About His Fondest Captain America Memories


In these last couple of weeks, Chris Evans has been in a sentimental mood when it comes to his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he got the internet feeling much the same when he recently tweeted a message announcing that he’d wrapped his final scenes on Avengers 4.

The actor had another moment of contemplation at ACE Comic Con, too, where the star was asked what his favorite memories have been in his eight-year run as Captain America. Though Evans struggled to single out any examples, he did say that it was the personal moments that really stuck with him.

“That’s tough, because you have memories that are a little more shared and you have memories that are a little more personal,” Evans said. “I mean, moment, even just like this. That really felt wonderful to here, and it was nice to hear some cheers. Not to seem saccharine, it’s the more personal moments without question. It’s the more intimate moments when you process that you are part of something that means a lot to a lot [of people]. For a lot of time, it does almost feel almost kind of like it’s happening to someone else…Sometimes it does feel a little out-of-body-ish, and over a long enough period of time, you start to feel really connected to the experience and connected to the character and connected to the world…I couldn’t tell you what the most memorable thing is, it comes in really subtle ways, but it is the more personal things.”

With Avengers 4 serving as the point of culmination for the MCU’s first decade of superhero storytelling, Evans seems to have been reflecting a lot lately on his contributions to the saga. But while his recent tweet was widely interpreted as confirmation that the Avengers: Infinity War sequel will be the last hurrah of Steve Rogers, the star took the time at ACE to downplay such ideas, insisting that his emotional message contained no clues of his character’s future, or lack thereof.

All the same, as the final installment of Marvel’s Phase 3, it’s likely that Avengers 4 will serve as a passing of the torch to the next generation of heroes, which could well mean concluding the arcs of a few Phase 1 characters. Naturally, the fans are predicting a major fatality or two in the upcoming release, and Cap seems to be in competition with his friend Tony Stark for most widely predicted death.

We’ll find out if Steve Rogers will still be around to make new memories when Avengers 4 comes out on May 3rd, 2019.

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