New Avengers 4 Theory Teases A Very Powerful New Cosmic Character


Avengers 4 looks set to feature an even bigger cast than Infinity Warwhich was already bursting at the seams. We know Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Ant-Man and the Wasp will all join the ensemble, but will the movie introduce any new additions to the MCU? Quite possibly, and an intriguing fan theory suggests that one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe may appear in the grand finale to the first 10 years of the franchise.

As has been revealed before, Avengers 4 will feature a key scene in which Doctor Strange will face off against a fully CGI character, much like the Sorcerer’s showdown with Dormammu in his own movie. This had led fans to suggest that the Living Tribunal could turn up in the film, the all-powerful entity who maintains balance across the universe.

This theory builds on the concept that all those that Thanos wiped out with his finger snap are trapped within the Soul Stone. It’s possible, though, that Strange has been snatched from the Soul World by the Living Tribunal, who wishes to discuss the fate of the universe with the Master of the Mystic Arts.

Here’s how the theory puts it:

So here’s the deal; the Living Tribunal explains that Thanos’ snap and its aftermath (collapsed societies, intergalactic anarchy, etc.) have done too much damage to the universe, and he thinks the best bet is to destroy it and create a new universe. He ominously challenges Strange to convince him otherwise.

This theory mirrors the Living Tribunal’s first appearance in the comics, when he encounters Strange and the same scenario plays out. It goes on to say that Strange will use the fact that he foresaw one timeline in which the Avengers ultimately beat Thanos, as seen in IW, to convince the Tribunal to spare the universe.

A few years ago we would have said this situation would be too out-there and overtly comic book-y for the big screen, but Infinity War really went all out in embracing the inherent weirdness of the Marvel universe, so it stands to reason that Avengers 4 may go even further down that road. Only time will tell, though, and we’ll surely learn more as we inch closer and closer to the pic’s May 4th, 2019 release.