Avengers 4 Theory Suggests Doctor Strange Will Be The One To Reunite Steve And Tony


The Sorcerer Supreme will be pivotal in reuniting Tony Stark and Steve Rogers during Avengers 4.

Or so says popular YouTuber ‘Kinda Culty,’ whose latest MCU theory suggests that Doctor Strange is the only one capable of bringing Iron Man and Captain America back together in the wake of Marvel’s Civil War. There’s just one problem: Benedict Cumberbatch’s hero was dusted at the tail-end of Infinity War.

Well, if this speculative video holds some degree of truth, then Strange will return before his allies (astral projection, perhaps?). Going one step further, there’s the very real possibility that while meditating in Avengers: Infinity War, the Sorcerer Supreme actually journeyed to those 14 million timelines and helped Earth’s Mightiest Heroes overthrow Thanos once and for all. He then sends a message back through time – and, more specifically, through the Quantum Realm – to present day MCU where the Avengers are able to stop the Mad Titan in his tracks and avert catastrophe.

It’s arguably one of the more reasoned and well-thought-out theories so far, and if you have 20 minutes to spare, we’d encourage you to watch the entire video, as ‘Kinda Culty’ also touches base on those rumors surrounding Thanos and the mysterious planet at the end of Infinity War.

Whether or not they’re actually true is another question entirely, but it’s looking increasingly likely that one of the big underlying themes of Avengers 4 is the entire roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – Cap and Iron Man included – reuniting as a single, formidable unit, as they mount one last counter-attack on Thanos. Which is just as well, otherwise the likes of Spider-Man and Black Panther don’t stand much of a chance.

Avengers 4 opens big on May 3rd, 2019. And once it does, the MCU will never be the same again.