Avengers 4 Title Won’t Be Revealed With Infinity War


The top-secret title of Avengers 4 isn’t so much a spoiler as it is Marvel’s way of keeping the attention firmly on the upcoming Infinity War. At least, that’s according to Kevin Feige, who said as much back in October while promoting Thor: Ragnarok. With that being the case, many expect the title to be revealed once that aforementioned blockbuster hits theaters in May. But apparently, we may have to wait even longer.

While speaking on MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast recently, co-director Joe Russo said that they won’t be unveiling the film’s moniker until “the time is right.”

“It is certainly part of the concept of the title is that it’s advancing the narrative. We’re gonna sit on that until we feel the time is right and when people have absorbed the first movie enough.”

Though he doesn’t give an exact date for when they’ll spill the beans, that part at the end about waiting until audiences have “absorbed” Infinity War enough indicates that it won’t be until at least a month or two after the pic releases that the title for its sequel is revealed. And if that’s the case, then Comic-Con certainly seems like a good bet for where Marvel may make the announcement.

Chalk that up as speculation for now though, as it’s far too early to say what exactly the studio’s plans are for Avengers 4. After all, it only just wrapped production and with the Russo brothers now hard at work putting the finishing touches on both that and Infinity War, it’ll be a while yet before we learn anything more. Besides, Marvel’s still got to get Black Panther out the door, too.

Look for that one to hit theaters on February 16th, before Joe and Anthony Russo unleash Avengers: Infinity War on May 4th, with its currently untitled sequel following on May 3rd, 2019.