Could Avengers 4 Introduce Alternate Heroes Via Time Travel?


Once the sobbing had died down, the wreaths had been laid and the goodbyes were said, the most common criticism of Infinity War was the feeling that it’s only half a movie. Albeit a pretty hefty half (with Avengers 4 making up the second part), there was something in the back of most people’s minds when the bodies hit the floor. Or drifted off into the air, depending on the body.

As our heroes started to feel unwell, there was an overall feeling of disbelief. “Spider-Man’s dying? Does that mean we’ll get Andrew Garfield back in the next one?” “Black Panther’s bitten the dust? Doesn’t Marvel like making money?” And when Drax, Quill, Gamora and Groot all bought the farm, most had already heard that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was in the pipeline, so it lacked the necessary punch.

All eyes turned to the Infinity Gauntlet and its Time Stone, then. Surely with another snap of the fingers, we’ll have all of our heroes back and still have time for shawarma, right? Maybe, but, as Screen Rant points out, the Gauntlet also affords Marvel the opportunity to tinker with the Avengers by introducing alternate timeline versions of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

It would certainly allow for Hawkeye’s character to get a much needed makeover with increased importance in the group, especially if as rumored, his Ronin incarnation finally makes an appearance. With a high possibility of him losing his wife and/or daughter due to the Mad Titan’s antics, his twin-sworded alias could have a big role to play in Avengers 4.

Furthermore, another interesting possibility that Screen Rant mentions is Tony Stark temporarily becoming the new Sorcerer Supreme in absence of Doctor Strange. Of course, there’s precedent for this in the comics and it’d be fun to see a character who’s usually so technology focused dabble in a bit of magic, don’t you think?

Tell us, which alternate versions of the heroes do you want to see in the Avengers 4 and beyond? Take to the comments section and share your thoughts.