New Marvel Fan Theory Explains How Ultron Could Return


2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron isn’t exactly the most cherished entry in Marvel’s Infinity Saga, and its titular A.I. is often held up as an example of the MCU’s spotty track record when it comes to villains.

Nonetheless, now that Marvel Studios is expanding its output to include both films and TV shows, it’s not hard to imagine James Spader’s character getting a second chance somewhere down the line. And in a new fan theory that’s been making the rounds over the weekend, we get a suggestion of just how this comeback might be arranged.

The theory originated on Reddit from user MCKimmyKim, who picks up on some potentially telling moments in both Ultron’s MCU debut and 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. First, in Age of Ultron, it’s worth noting that Vision insists the villain must be destroyed with no trace left behind.

Sound advice, given Ultron’s ability to upload himself into different bodies, but fast-forward to Homecoming, and there’s a scene where Peter comes across the head of Ultron while looking through the alien tech in Vulture’s van.

Moreover, the theory observes the moment in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Tony Stark is going through a stack of A.I. modules looking for one to replace JARVIS. Though Iron Man settles on FRIDAY, there’s another noteworthy name featured on the chips that may foreshadow Marvel’s plans for Ultron: Jocasta.

In the comics, Jocasta is the robot bride created by Ultron while the villain hides out in Nassau, Long Island. Ultimately, she becomes an Avenger in her own right, and even develops feelings for Vision, who happens to be happily married to Scarlet Witch.

Is it possible that Marvel has a similar story in mind for the MCU, or are we reading too much into what might’ve been little more than a couple of fan-pleasing Easter eggs? Perhaps only time will tell, but we’ll keep an eye out for further clues once Phase 4 kicks off next year.