Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Box Set Offers First Glimpse At Phase 2

Who knew that Marvel were such advocates of secrecy, eh? The studio embedded a Tesseract-like treasure chest of concept art and set photos for Phase 2 within their newly released Blu-Ray box set, aptly titled Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled. The collection hit retail earlier this week and curious fans were led to this site where they were asked to enter the code provided in their product. And, boy, they weren’t left disappointed.

These photos come hot-on-the-heels of yesterday’s news, when the studio confirmed that the sequel to last year’s The Avengers will begin shooting in England’s Shepperton studios sometime next year – a set that also has facilitated for Iron Man 2 in the past. Not only do the screenshots provide a detailed look at Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, they also give us our first inkling as to what Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy will look like. The latter two films are undoubtedly the riskier properties for the studio and they will be directed by Edgar Wright and James Gunn, respectively.

Marvel’s second wave of blockbuster movies will officially begin with the release of Iron Man 3, and will stretch all the way through to the release of The Avengers 2 in 2015. In that time period, we will see the release of Thor: The Dark World (8th November USA/30th October UK, 2013), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (April 4th, 2014), Guardians of the Galaxy (August 1st, 2014) and finally, Ant-Man (June 11th, 2015). Wow, that’s more superhero films that you can shake Thor’s Mjolnir at!

Check out the images for yourself and let us know what Phase 2 film you’re most looking forward to seeing in the comments section! There’s also a brief little video that was included in the box set, which you can see below as well.

Source: IGN