The Avengers Earns A Stunning International Debut

While North American audiences will need to wait until May 4th to catch Marvel’s The Avengers, international audiences have already had the pleasure of viewing what could be 2012’s biggest film. The Avengers opened in 39 territories this week and so far, it has a total box office gross of $178.4 million.

What’s even more impressive is that the film still hasn’t opened in Russia or China, which are two very large markets. Oh, and then there’s the US/Canada, which is the largest market for just about any film.

The film is expected to open in North America next week with close to $150 million. Personally, I think it could be closer to $160 million, maybe even $175. Either way, The Avengers is a monster hit. The best part about all this is is that the film isn’t only doing well with audiences, critics love it as well. We gave it a great review and just about every other outlet seems to be praising it too.

Of course, everyone expected the film to pull in numbers like this but it’s still great to see, especially because the film is doing so well critically. It’s always nice to see critics and audiences align on their opinions.

While most of us in North America are eagerly waiting for this weekend to arrive, we can rest easy knowing that the summer blockbuster season has officially begun!