Analysts Say Avengers: Endgame Will Still Fail To Beat Avatar

Avengers: Endgame

So close, yet so far away. After two months of being in theaters, and numerous reports that it would overtake Avatar‘s number one worldwide box office spot, Avengers: Endgame might not quite make it.

Deadline published a report on Friday with this prediction, saying the Infinity War sequel and MCU Phase 3 final movie probably won’t be able to catch James Cameron’s epic flick. This is despite the very recent theatrical re-release, with additional footage including a Stan Lee tribute and a push by Iron Man himself to fill the cinema seats.

As of this writing, the total box office pull for Endgame is sitting at about $2.754 billion and Avatar‘s total of $2.788 billion is still just a bit out of reach. That $34 million doesn’t seem like a lot from a global standpoint, but Endgame was pulling in less than $300k each day this past week. The boost from the re-release is projected to help the film bring in a few million this weekend, but that may not be enough.

Another release expected to help the film’s numbers though is Spider-Man: Far From Home. According to Deadline, Captain Marvel once again gives us hope. That movie saw a nice jump in earnings when Endgame was released, seeing how the former was still in theaters.

FFH will pick up right after Iron Man’s sacrifice, so we could have hordes of fans rushing back to re-watch his death before and during the release of Spider-Man’s latest romp. Peter and Happy are still reeling from the loss of Iron Man and so too is the rest of the world, both fictional and real.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m still rooting for Avengers: Endgame to topple Avatar‘s worldwide record. Don’t get me wrong, though. Pandora, the Na’vi…all of it was over the top epic. But Marvel’s been building up to this summer’s finale for 10 years and I truly believe that the cast, crew and fans deserve this record.