Avengers: Endgame BTS Photo Unites The Whole MCU At Tony Stark’s Funeral

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is surely one of a kind as we’re unlikely to have another movie that brings together the whole MCU in quite the same way ever again. The team-up to end all team-ups came in the film’s thrilling third act battle, but a more personal, moving mega-crossover occurred in its coda, where the heroes assemble to honor Tony Stark at the fallen Avenger’s funeral.

To remind you of how many folks were involved with Endgame‘s final scene, Nebula actress Karen Gillan shared a BTS photo on social media last week that sees the whole cast and crew posing and smiling by the lake where Tony’s funeral took place. There’s too many faces to name, but you can see that everyone’s present and correct – from Chris Hemsworth to the Guardians’ cast to Brie Larson to those who made unlikely cameos in the scene like Iron Man 3‘s Ty Simpkins. Just about everyone you expect to be there is in the photo, apart from Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, whose characters died over the course of Endgame.

Speaking of whom, there’s been some criticism that Black Widow didn’t get a funeral like Tony did, when she was one of the original six Avengers too and also sacrificed herself to save the universe in getting the Soul Stone from Vormir. The Russos have since said that they believe a memorial was held for Natasha Romanoff off-screen, though a scene depicting this was never on the cards.

As sad as the occasion was that brought them all together, it’s hilarious to note how cheery Tom Holland looks here. It reminds us that the actor, known for his loose lips when it comes to spoilers, was told the scene was a wedding instead of a funeral, to limit the chance of Iron Man’s death leaking. Likewise, the Russos shot five different endings in order to keep a lid on things, but of course, Mark Ruffalo still managed to let slip that Captain America ended up married.

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