Avengers: Endgame BTS Video Reveals A Deleted Line From A Key Scene


We know that an enormous amount of stuff was shot for Avengers: Endgame – together with Avengers: Infinity War, the films clocked up a staggering 900 hours of raw footage. As such, as great as the 3-hour final product is, Marvel fans are fascinated to know what scenes were trimmed to make the already mega runtime as concise as possible.

Thanks to this new behind-the-scenes video, we now know there was an additional line cut from one key sequence in Endgame‘s climax. Jimmy Rich of Pinewood Studios, Atlanta shared two fascinating clips on his Instagram page of filming on the big Avengers-filled climax of the movie.

The first captures Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch running through Iron Man and Doctor Strange’s reunion with the Russos. The second comprises one actual take of the moment and put together, they give us a clearer picture of how it originally played out.

As we see in the film, Tony Stark takes the opportunity to ask how the one timeline Strange saw that turned out alright ended. Strange then says he can’t tell him otherwise this could prevent it from playing out. The movie version stops there, but in this video Downey recites an additional, hilarious line: “All right, then. Well, welcome back anyway, asshole.”

See for yourself in the video below:

This moment in the film no doubt left many fan theorists patting themselves on the back, as it’d been widely thought ever since Infinity War that Strange gave Thanos the Time Stone to save Tony’s life because he knew that Iron Man was a key player in ultimately saving the day. This proved to be correct, too, as Endgame concluded with Stark sacrificing himself to wipe out the Mad Titan and his goons.

Tell us, though, are you already missing Iron Man and Doctor Strange’s dynamic after Avengers: Endgame? Sound off in the comments section down below.

Source: Instagram

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