There’s One Awesome Avengers: Endgame Cameo That No One’s Talking About


Aside from plenty of tearjerking moments and action-packed sequences, Avengers: Endgame is chock-full of cameos, including the final appearance of legendary comic book writer Stan Lee, who passed away late last year at the age of 95. Even though the latest MCU film saw the unlikely return of Jane Foster, Alexander Pierce and Howard Stark, among many others, there’s one interesting cameo that seems to have flown under everyone’s radars.

As reported by CinemaBlend, veteran writer, columnist, and sports fantasy analyst Matthew Berry made a brief appearance in Avengers: Endgame. Chances are, most theatergoers missed this cameo. While Berry has shown up on plenty of TV and radio shows – he’s currently employed as ESPN’s “Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst” – he’s not exactly the most recognizable celeb around.

So, how did this unlikely figure land a small role in Avengers: Endgame? Well, it seems co-director Joe Russo has been reading Berry’s columns for quite some time. Seeing as how Joe’s also a “big fantasy football player,” he called up Matthew a few years back, asking him if he’d like to be in the movie. Needless to say, Berry immediately accepted the role.

Observant fans will be able to spot him during the Avengers’ Time Heist in New York City, set after the Chitauri invasion of 2012. While Hulk was busy negotiating with the Ancient One, Captain America tried to retrieve the Scepter from Hydra agents. Meanwhile, Ant-Man and Tony Stark were busy recovering the Tesseract when they came across Alexander Pierce and a few of his underlings. Berry played the role of one of the agents standing by Pierce’s side.

While this particular cameo flew over the heads of most MCU fans, it seems Matthew was equally confused when filming. This particular Avengers: Endgame scene was shot before Infinity War hit theaters, and as a result, Berry had no idea why the script included characters such as “Other Tony.” We’re guessing he’s got it all figured out now, though.