Avengers: Endgame Is Still In Cinemas And Still Making Money


Avengers: Endgame may have finally dethroned Avatar and become the highest-grossing movie of all time, but its theatrical run hasn’t officially ended. Despite the film’s home release already having happened, it seems that some screenings are still drawing crowds. I reckon the gargantuan superhero action of Endgame just feels right on the big screen and while the major hurdle that it was trying to get over earlier this year was Avatar‘s worldwide box office haul of $2,789,679,794, it’s now about $7 million ahead of James Cameron’s pic, sitting pretty at $2,796,247,239.

In fact, a long 20 weeks after Endgame‘s premiere, it’s still playing in 110 domestic theaters and recently added $86k to its total over the four-day Labor Day weekend. That doesn’t put it anywhere near the top ten for that weekend, but it’s deeply impressive for a film released way back in April. With Avengers: Infinity War playing in various international markets right into 2019, expect Endgame‘s box office total to continue to tick up as well. It’ll probably quietly finish up its run over October, as cinemas find screening times for the bevy of lucrative horror titles like It: Chapter Two in time for Halloween.

All said, Endgame will likely end up exceeding Avatar‘s box office by about $8m. Thing is, though, with Avatar 2 hitting cinemas in 2020 there’s a decent chance that the original will see a theatrical re-release to remind audiences of the world of Pandora. If that proves to be even a minor success, then we could see Endgame dethroned after just a year as the record-holder.

My advice to diehard MCU fans who truly care about meaningless guff like this though is to try and find the time to fit in just one more viewing while it’s in a cinema near you. Although, given that Avengers: Endgame only remains in 110 theaters, that may be difficult to do.