Avengers: Endgame Has Created A Huge Problem For The MCU That Everyone’s Ignoring

Thor Avengers Endgame

When it comes to wrapping up the events laid out in the first 20-something movies in the MCU, Avengers: Endgame has a lot going for it. Against all odds, directors Anthony and Joe Russo managed to bring together a few dozen key players into one film, all while providing satisfying conclusions for Captain America, Iron Man and a few other major characters. Sure, the time travel shenanigans might be a breeding ground for potential plot holes and head-scratching explanations, but the events of Endgame managed to deliver a worthwhile ending while not undoing the events of prior films – as promised by the Russo brothers.

Of course, as much as we enjoyed how Endgame concluded, there are still a ton of questions that need answering. The biggest one? How exactly does the world at large deal with the undoing of Thanos’ life-altering snap?

For those who’ve seen the movie, rather than trying to reverse or undo the events that unfolded in Infinity Warthe Avengers opted to travel through time to gather the six Infinity Stones, and harness their power to bring back everyone who had been dusted away. The plan works – though there were a few hitches and character deaths along the way – but the end result does raise a few questions.

As ComicBook.com points out, there are a number of issues the world would have to deal with following the events of Endgame. In the recently released trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Homeit looks like a few key characters – Michelle (MJ), Flash, Betty, Ned – were all victims of Thanos who were eventually resurrected, a happy coincidence to say the least. The real question is, how does the world handle half of its population coming back to life five years later?

What happens to those whose families died in the intervening years? What about those whose loved ones moved on and remarried? Since those who were dusted away didn’t age, how should official IDs and documentation be handled, when it comes to explaining how old you were? What happens to those whose personal property was stolen, or sold off?

The events that unfolded during Avengers: Endgame left a ton of logistical questions to be answered, to be sure, and we can only hope that Marvel chooses to address some of them in the future.