The Avengers: Endgame Team Want Galactus In The MCU


After seven years of being the biggest, baddest villain in the MCU, Thanos was finally defeated in Avengers: Endgame. Which means the franchise will need to find an even more dangerous foe to top the Mad Titan moving forward. That won’t be easy, but one who would arguably manage to pose an even bigger threat than Thanos is Galactus. And it seems some of the crew members who worked on Endgame would like to see the Devourer of Worlds appear in the franchise soon. interviewed Industrial Light and Magic’s Bruce Holcomb and asked the Endgame modeling supervisor which characters he’d like to bring to life in the future. Holcomb leapt on the idea of Galactus and his herald Silver Surfer joining the MCU. Holcomb and his team previously worked with the characters on Fox’s Fantastic Four movies but, as a fan, he wants to see them done justice by Marvel Studios.

“Galactus and Silver Surfer. We did Fantastic Four even though they were Fox properties. We did both the original and Rise of the Silver Surfer there and then we did a remake, but I don’t think anybody really got the cosmic family correct. I know that I’d really like to see a giant thing on that scale like Galactus show up and start stepping on towns and doing all kinds of weird cosmic-level stuff.”

Introducing Galactus in Phase Four seems like the perfect time, as his arrival could be explained away as a consequence of all those shifts in reality in Endgame. If we take Mysterio’s words in Spider-Man: Far From Home at face value, the Snap’s already known to have caused dimensional ruptures that blurred the boundaries between different Earths. As such, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to have Galactus break free from some other dimension and come to threaten this universe (as suggested by one fan theory).

All of this said, we not sure when Kevin Feige plans to deal with the Fantastic Four now that he has the rights back. If it’s sooner rather than later, though, the coming of Galactus could be right around the corner.