Avengers: Endgame Directors Still Want To Tell One More Captain America Story


Just as we all expected it to, Avengers: Endgame brought some closure to the arc of Captain America. And though the film was obviously intended to act as Steve Rogers’ swan song, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating on whether or not Marvel Studios might give the First Avenger another movie of his own somewhere down the line.

If you’ll recall, Chris Evans’ character manages to make it out alive in Endgame, but it’s implied that his adventuring days are over. To recap, the last few minutes of the sequel see Steve go back in time to return all the Infinity Stones. But instead of making the jump back to the present day, he decides to retire from the superhero game and live a peaceful life with Peggy Carter. By the time Rogers reunites with his present day peers, he’s an old man who we can barely even recognize.

Though that seems like a pretty neat and tidy ending for the character, Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo have said on a few occasions now that they’d be interested in exploring what Steve did when he went back in time, and once again they’ve teased that they may have another Captain America story to tell.

Speaking on the recent Empire Spoiler podcast, the brothers hinted that Cap might one day return to the big screen, saying:

“But what’s interesting about it, and savvy people may come to ask is: how is old Cap is in this timeline at the end of the movie?” “That is an interesting story, isn’t it?” Joe asked.

“Joe just brought up a question that we’re not going to answer,” Anthony Russo said with a laugh. “That could be a story for another time…”

Then, when asked for further details on Cap’s age and how the timeline works, Joe said:

“Well, it’s something that will be explained perhaps at one point.”

Continuing on, Anthony explained:

“In order for you to…. in order for that to be [old Cap appearing in the present timeline], according to the rules of the movie that we set out, there’s some missing story that obviously we’re not getting in the film,” he explained. “We don’t really want to delve into that missing story [right here]. The great thing about the MCU is that anything that doesn’t show up on screen, anything that doesn’t become text is fodder for future storytelling.”

And finally, when asked once again if we could perhaps see what happened to Steve in the other timeline one day, the directors said:

“It’s a long story,” Anthony said. “It’s a story for another time,” Joe added.

Of course, none of this is confirmation that we will indeed see more of Rogers’ Captain America, but Joe was asked about it once again during the MTV Movie Awards just last night. And though he wouldn’t confirm or deny anything, his answer definitely hints that him and his brother may not be done with the character just yet.

Whether you think Captain America got the perfect ending or having him go back in time ruined the movie, it’s still nice to hear that the Russos seem into the idea of maybe exploring more of the hero’s story post-Avengers: Endgame. Whether that’ll happen or not, no one knows, but a movie focused on what Steve did in the other timeline is almost certainly something that every Marvel fan would be running out to the theater to see.