Avengers: Endgame Directors Reveal What Groot Says In His Final Scene

Baby Groot

While Avengers: Endgame brought closure to several of the MCU’s biggest character arcs and plot threads, the movie still left fans with a whole load of lingering questions. That being said, at a recent Q&A in Washington, D.C., co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo were able to clear up one mystery regarding a certain tree-like space traveler. Be warned that spoilers lie ahead.

As you’re likely aware by now, the Avengers: Infinity War sequel sees the Guardians of the Galaxy return to the world of the living, ready for their next adventure. What’s more, they now have a new member in Thor, who’s decided that being ruler of New Asgard isn’t the right path for him. No sooner is the God of Thunder on board the Benatar, however, then he starts squabbling with Star-Lord over who gets to be leader.

In order to settle their dispute, the rest of the Guardians suggest that the two of them have a knife fight, at which point, Groot chimes in with a statement in his native language. According to the Russo Brothers, the character says the following:

“Yes, I like knives.”

It may not be the most significant line, but still, it’s nice to get some clarification.

In any case, it’s looking very likely that Thor will return in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. And if so, then it’ll be interesting to see if his rivalry with Peter Quill will be an ongoing theme.

Either way, there’s a good chance that Gamora will remain an important part of the saga. We get a hint of her continuing relevance in the final scene of Avengers: Endgame, which shows Star-Lord pining for his lost love. And even back in 2017, James Gunn suggested that she’ll have a significant role in the upcoming flick. In the meantime, the next MCU film on the agenda is Spider-Man: Far From Home, which is scheduled to hit theaters on July 2nd.