Avengers: Endgame Directors Say A Secret Wars Movie Would Be Bigger Than The Infinity Saga


Just because the decade-long Infinity Saga was brought to a close with Avengers: Endgame, that doesn’t mean that Marvel Studios aren’t already on the hunt for their next big crossover event. In fact, given how meticulously the Marvel Cinematic Universe is planned out years in advance, Kevin Feige more than likely knows what it is already, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating anyway.

The upcoming introductions of both the X-Men and Fantastic Four only serve to further expand the storytelling possibilities for the MCU, with iconic antagonists Magneto, Doctor Doom and Galactus all heavily rumored to be making their debuts in the not-too-distant future. With the studio reshuffling the deck in Phase Four and bringing some new faces into the mix to complement the established veterans, alongside rumors that wholesale changes could be on the way, trying to predict where Earth’s Mightiest Heroes go from here is virtually impossible.

However, one comic book arc that fans would love to see happen on the big screen is an adaptation of Secret Wars, something that’s been mentioned as a distinct possibility in the past. Not only that, but Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo admitted that it was the only project that could tempt them to return to the superhero genre.

In a recent interview, the siblings once again made their affections for Secret Wars abundantly clear, and claimed that the sheer scope and scale of a potential live-action take on the story would eclipse the entire Infinity Saga in terms of size and ambition.

“You know, I read that when I was 10 or 11, and it was the scale of getting all of the heroes together. It was one of the first major books to do that, that was really event storytelling to me at its finest, and what happens when you put all of those personalities together. I also like the idea of villains having to team up with heroes. Ant and I like complicated relationships between heroes and villains, we like villains who believe they’re heroes in their own stories, so it’s all sort of built into this notion of Secret Wars. To execute something on the scale of Infinity War was directly related to the dream of Secret Wars, which is even larger in scale. It would be the biggest movie you could possibly imagine, so that’s what really excites us about the story, the ambition of it is even bigger than the ambition of the Infinity Saga.”

There’s no way that Secret Wars hasn’t been mentioned at least once by someone behind the scenes at Marvel Studios over the years, and with the MCU’s roster of superheroes only set to continue growing bigger on the silver screen and Disney Plus, it won’t be long before they have more than enough characters at their disposal to make it a serious proposition somewhere down the line.