Tom Holland’s Totally Unrecognizable And Creepy In New Look At Cherry

Tom Holland

Finally released from the chains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Russo Brothers now have the creative freedom to make whatever they please (fine, they weren’t exactly in captivity). And it seems their first post-Avengers: Endgame movie is going under the title of Cherry, a crime drama starring Tom Holland, with whom they were already well acquainted.

Now, ahead of its release sometime in the next year, a new BTS photo has arrived via Instagram and can be seen down below. It’s safe to say that Tom’s probably not going to be the puppy-faced teenaged superhero in this one. Fans of his take on Spider-Man might be surprised at his rather creepy appearance, too, but it’s a striking new look and should prove to be an interesting role for the star. After all, there’s a strong track record of young actors who rose to fame in family-friendly films taking jarringly adult roles to put clear blue water between them and the rest of their career.

For example, Daniel Radcliffe went straight from Harry Potter to the (admittedly PG-13) horror flick The Woman in Black. Robert Pattinson also broke from his image as a Twilight tween-heartthrob, gradually forging a reputation for starring in more experimental projects (The Lighthouse, for example). It wouldn’t surprise me if Tom Holland was attempting to do the same, and all the best to him in those efforts.

As for the Russos, they’re in a similar position. Detaching your name from a franchise as gargantuan as the MCU is no easy feat. I mean, nobody needs reminding that they just directed Endgame, the highest grossing movie of all time. I just did. Whoops.

In any case, Cherry will have more eyes on it than most movies of its size. Filming has wrapped, though it doesn’t actually have a release date yet. Watch this space for more, though.