Avengers: Endgame Entertainment Weekly Cover Has Fans Worried About Cap


It seems that with every new Avengers: Endgame promotional reveal, fans are finding new reasons to prematurely mourn their heroes. This latest example comes courtesy of the recently unveiled Entertainment Weekly covers, which exhibit the saga’s original six heroes alongside an ominous headline.

“It’s The End Of The Line,” reads the text next to each of the stars of 2012’s The Avengers. Indeed, it’s currently expected that more than one of the six pictured heroes will be dropping out of the franchise with this month’s release. But for Captain America in particular, the line holds extra resonance.

As you may recall, the phrase, “end of the line,” has been used repeatedly throughout Cap’s solo movies in reference to his friendship with the late Bucky Barnes. And for many fans, this sly bit of foreshadowing proved a lot to take in on a Wednesday morning:

While Marvel is keeping quiet on plans beyond Endgame, it’s generally assumed that the Avengers: Infinity War sequel will serve as Steve Rogers’ final outing in the MCU. Whether this means a tragic end or a peaceful retirement for the First Avenger remains to be seen, but when even Chris Evans is joking about his character’s possible demise, there’s perhaps reason to be worried.

Granted, co-director Joe Russo muddied the waters a little last November when he said in an interview with ET Canada that Evans is “not done yet,” before adding that we’ll soon understand what he’s talking about. In the months since, however, reports have suggested that the Endgame helmsman may’ve actually been teasing the possibility of the actor continuing to work for Marvel Studios in a directing capacity.

Regardless, we’ll find out if this really is the end of the line for Steve Rogers and his peers when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.