Avengers: Endgame Falls Out Of The Box Office Top Ten For The First Time


Having released a little over a month ago, it’s safe to say the hype and excitement surrounding Avengers: Endgame has begun to slow down a bit. While there’s no doubt that we’ll be talking about the latest MCU movie for some time to come, most Marvel fans have shifted their attention to future films, especially since Spider-Man: Far From Home is due out in a couple of weeks.

However, there’s still one reason to keep your eyes on the most recent Avengers outing. As it wraps up its eighth weekend in theaters, Endgame is now a little more than $50 million away from surpassing Avatar as the highest-grossing movie of all time.

As of Sunday, June 16th, Marvel’s newest release has grossed just over $2.734 billion, as detailed by Box Office Mojo. With Fox’s epic sci-fi sitting at $2.788 billion, Endgame is around $53.2 million from dethroning the reigning champ.

While many expected the Russo brothers’ magnum opus would easily surpass James Cameron’s alien sci-fi epic, there’s a chance the latest MCU film will fall short of the mark. As ComicBook.com notes, while official reports won’t surface until tomorrow, some industry analysts are expecting Endgame to drop out of the box office top ten by the time Monday morning rolls around. When you take into account that it’s now competing against new summer blockbuster movies like Men In Black: International and Shaft, it’s not hard to see why the latest Avengers flick is starting to fall out of the spotlight.

Furthermore, over much of the past week, it’s failed to rake in more than a $1 million in ticket sales on any given day. There’s always a chance that a concerted effort by Marvel’s massive fanbase might push it over the edge, but with more than half of domestic theaters dropping it from rotation, we aren’t exactly holding our breath. Still, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on Avengers: Endgame‘s box office totals as the weeks go by.

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