Avengers: Endgame Fan Art Teases A Brutal Death For Captain America


In the absence of much concrete information about the plot of the film at present, there are many predictions that Marvel fans have about Avengers: Endgame that are so widely believed that they’re basically expected to come true when April hits. And one of the biggest is that Captain America will reach his end by the time the credits roll on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ second battle with Thanos.

We don’t know how it’ll go down, but the general consensus is that Steve Rogers will sacrifice himself in the line of duty. After all, he’s just that sort of a guy. But how could the heartbreaking moment itself turn out? Well, fan artist Boss Logic has imagined a brutal, gut-wrenching scene in which Steve’s left to die in a snowy landscape. A hefty print stained with blood tells us that the Mad Titan’s responsible, and you can also see that Cap’s body forms a sort of star in the snow, reflecting his insignia.

The discussion over Steve’s fate has been going on for a long while, but Chris Evans turned the low-burning rumors into an inferno of fan theories when he wrote a heartfelt message about his time playing the character on social media once Endgame had wrapped filming. This seemed to confirm he was done with the role, but the Russo brothers then made us doubt that as they promised that Evans wasn’t going anywhere. Although, considering that they’d previously told us the movie’s title wasn’t Endgame, we might not be able to trust them.

Alternatively, perhaps Evans really is on his way out of the MCU, but the character of Captain America isn’t, with someone else maybe in line to take on the mantle next. Other theories suggest that the film’s use of time travel will allow Steve to go back to the 1940s and live out the rest of his life with Peggy Carter, finally getting that date with her that he was denied when he became frozen in time at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger.

In any case, all we can do right now is speculate, but we’ll hopefully get the answers we crave when Avengers: Endgame arrives in April.