Avengers: Endgame Is Finally Dying Out At The Box Office


Avengers: Endgame is currently in the middle of its seventh week in theaters, so it’s beyond amazing that we’re just now able to report that the movie is slowing down at the box office. The 22nd film in Marvel Studios’ repertoire of superhero features, the pic was tasked with concluding over a decade’s worth of storylines while still satisfying every fan’s extremely high expectations. Considering it’s now pulled in over $2 billion worldwide, I think it’s safe to say that it succeeded.

But as Endgame’s poignant finale taught us, every good thing must come to an end, including box office domination. According to Box Office Mojo, June 3rd marked the first date that the Avengers film didn’t make $1 million since its debut on April 26th. While its daily total of $869,816 isn’t something to shrug at, it’s a clear sign that the movie’s performance is slowing down. Again, this is both understandable and impressive considering the Infinity Saga finale is in its third month in theaters.

For a three-hour long movie that requires a decent knowledge of nearly a dozen other genre films, it’s a bit of a miracle that Endgame has already come this far. Then again, despite its hefty runtime, the superhero extravaganza is incredibly re-watchable, with some fans proudly lining up to see it three or four times. While this obviously contributed to the massive box office haul, it looks like fewer moviegoers are running out to catch it one more time in theaters.

Currently, Endgame sits at #2 in the global box office rankings, behind the 2009 juggernaut Avatar. That film’s director, James Cameron, has gone on the record to say he hopes that superhero fatigue hits audiences sooner rather than later, so it’s pretty ironic that Marvel Studios is the most likely contender to knock him off the top of the charts.

That being said, Endgame has quite of a bit ways to go before it surpasses its $2,788,000,000 goal. As of writing, the movie is sitting at a pretty $2,715,006,344, less than $75 million from breaking the all-time record. Unfortunately, at this rate, it may not overthrow Avatar until after Labor Day but the fact that it’s even possible is still an incredible feat.

If you’re hoping to help crown a new king, Avengers: Endgame is still in theaters, where it will likely stay until after it hits Blu-ray shelves this fall. And honestly, it probably wouldn’t hurt to catch it one more time while you have the chance.