New Avengers: Endgame Footage Revealed At Disney Shareholders Meeting


Marvel Studios might be keeping a lid on as much of Avengers: Endgame as possible to the general public, but those who attended Disney’s annual shareholders meeting today were treated to an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie event of the year. For us fans, though, we’ll have to wait a while to get our hands on more, but at the very least, a description of the footage has arrived online. were given a rundown of the scene from a source who was in attendance. According to them, the footage began with the assembled heroes gathered in the meeting room in the Avengers compound which was previously glimpsed in the first teaser trailer. From here on in, things get a bit spoiler-y though, so proceed at your own caution…

Captain Marvel seems to be leading the troops as she argues that they need to find Thanos and reverse what he’s done to the universe. Nebula is also there and reveals that she believes her father will retire to “the garden” following the Decimation. The scene then changes to show Rocket, Thor, Nebula, Captain America, War Machine and Black Widow in space. Rocket quips something like “Who’s never been in space before? Raise your hand,” before he closes out the footage by warning the Avengers not to puke in his ship.

In some ways, this description doesn’t tell us much we didn’t know already, as we always expected the gang to hunt down the Mad Titan and find a way to correct all the damage he did. However, it does leave us with a few questions. For one, if Nebula is with the Avengers, then where’s Tony? The pair were seen stranded on the Benatar together in the first Endgame trailer, after all. It’s worth mentioning that Ant-Man, Hulk and Hawkeye are also not featured here, so perhaps those guys are off on their own separate mission by this point.

With Captain Marvel landing in theaters tomorrow, hopefully Disney and Marvel will fling more Avengers: Endgame footage our way before it cracks the Marvel universe in two on April 26th, but until then, this description should definitely inspire some debate.