Avengers: Endgame Named One Of 2019’s Most Mistake-Filled Movies


As the highest grossing movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame was probably the subject of more scrutiny than any other release this year, so perhaps it only figures that the film currently ranks as one of 2019’s most mistake-filled features on MovieMistakes.com.

With 51 alleged errors logged by users, the Avengers: Infinity War sequel sits behind only Captain Marvel on the site’s ranking for the year. And while some of these supposed mistakes are certainly debatable, others seem like pretty clear-cut continuity issues.

One mistake that fans picked up on while the film was still in cinemas, for example, is that Ant-Man can be seen in two places at once during the climax: once in the van as he struggles to get the Quantum Tunnel working; then again outside, fighting alongside his fellow superheroes in giant form. Another logged error concerns a breakfast crepe that alternates between being cut in two and shown as a single, uncut piece as the shot changes.

Well, in a film that’s juggling as many characters and elements as Avengers: Endgame, surely it’s inevitable that a few details would slip through the cracks. And besides, if you weren’t a fan of the movie as is, then better food continuity probably wouldn’t have been the thing to save it.

As for Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers’ solo debut has a total of 59 mistakes logged, many of which observe details that seem out of place against the story’s 1995 backdrop. At this point, it’s well understood that online nitpicking is par for the course for any major franchise film, but hopefully Marvel fans can also find plenty to enjoy as the MCU moves into its next phase, starting with the release of Black Widow on May 1st, 2020.

Source: CinemaBlend