Avengers: Endgame May’ve Confirmed Tony Stark Was Adopted


Despite bringing together a massive superhero ensemble, Avengers: Endgame was, in many ways, Tony Stark’s swan song. The character who started it all off over a decade ago received a more than adequate send off, extinguishing Thanos with a self-sacrificial snap.

But before Iron Man wields his own gauntlet, the film gives him a couple of salvaging moments for his personal and family life. First of all, he finds a new purpose in the form of his daughter, Morgan. Then, he’s given closure on something that’s plagued him his whole life: his relationship with his father.

Going back into the 1970s to retrieve one of the Infinity Stones, Stark bumps into a younger version of his old man (played once again by John Slattery). And in their few moments together, they talk about the child Howard’s expecting and how the “greatest creations” are the ones that come from a family. It’s a sweet exchange, for sure, but a new theory from ScreenRant suggests that their conversation may’ve meant a lot more and connected Endgame to the comics.

However, you would’ve had to have paid close attention to Tony’s mannerisms to catch on. The idea is that after Howard tells him he’s bringing gifts to his pregnant wife, Tony reacts a little bit strangely, asking when she’s due – a question he’d obviously know the answer to.

What ScreenRant’s getting at is that this conversation may’ve revealed a connection to the scientist-filled family as they were portrayed in the comics: where Howard and Maria lost their son, Arno, and actually adopted Tony. Personally, I don’t know what this information could possibly bring to the franchise, given that Tony’s dead, and there’d be no real reason to venture deeper into his family history. Though fans of the comics may like to see another Stark man on the big screen again.

But what do you think? Is this a little far-fetched, or is it possible that we’ll see Arno Stark in the MCU one day? Let us know in the comment section below, and be sure to give the scene a second glance when you watch Avengers: Endgame again.

Source: ScreenRant

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