Avengers: Endgame Referenced Cosmic Ghost Rider And We All Missed It


The surprises from the cinematic masterpiece that is Avengers: Endgame just keep rolling in. Not only is the finale to the Avengers saga set be the most profitable movie of all-time, but the list of easter eggs the producers threw in the film purely to please long time Marvel fans just keeps getting longer.

From Cap hailing Hydra and wielding Mjolnir, to multiple scenes teasing a possible Young Avengers movie, the theaters were full of fanboys and girls shouting excitedly at the screen. Seeing one of your favorite moments from the comics being fulfilled onscreen tends to make you squeal and if you’re a fan of the baby Thanos/Cosmic Ghost Rider arc from the source material, then you know which scene I’m about to write about.

Ant-Man had just brought time travel to the table, and the heroes were discussing how to rid the universe of the Mad Titan. War Machine suggests they go back and kill Thanos as a baby. A morbid scenario that reeks of nope? Sure, but it still seems like the most sensible, fool-proof plan, right? Well, not according to the comics.

In one of the many strange miniseries from comic book history, this plan was enacted but backfired cosmically. The Cosmic Ghost Rider, who was actually Frank Castle from the future, traveled back in time to murder the infant Thanos. He was unable to do it though and ended up raising Thanos as his own son. Turns out, it was Castle’s failures as a parent that turned Thanos into the f*cked up monster he was and in the story, Thanos the Punisher was born.

Strange scenario, indeed, and one that we should be happy didn’t end up playing out in the movie. But tell us, did you catch this or any of the other many easter eggs planted in Avengers: Endgame? Sound off down below and let us know