Here’s How The Avengers: Endgame Re-Release Will Incorporate Its Bonus Content


Ahead of Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s arrival in cinemas next week, Avengers: Endgame is getting a much-anticipated re-release this weekend which will treat fans to several minutes’ worth of bonus content. We’ve previously heard that this would take the form of post-credits scenes, though some new information has revealed exactly how the re-release package will incorporate the additional content.

Reddit user ISO_Thane works as a theater projectionist and shared an email he received from Technicolor. It explains that the introduction from co-director Anthony Russo is, as you’d expect, to be shown directly prior to the main feature. Once the entire film is complete, including full credits, then the rest of the bonus content is to be played.

The email also specifies that the Far From Home trailer, which has previously been shown following Endgame due to its spoiler-y nature, will be moved to the beginning and play alongside the other pre-movie trailers. This makes it clear that Marvel is aiming for the re-release to appeal to hardcore fans. Or at least, those who’ve already seen the film.

We’ve previously learned that the re-release would include four additional sequences as well: the aforementioned introduction, a Stan Lee tribute, an unfinished deleted scene featuring the Hulk and a sneak peak at Far From Home. As the email makes clear, the intro will run for 18 seconds while the post-movie content will clock in at around 6 minutes and 19 seconds.

Marvel will be keeping their fingers crossed that this will be enough to tempt fans back to theaters one last time so that Endgame can smash through Avatar‘s reign at the box office. Over the last weekend, it passed the James Cameron sci-fi epic’s original theatrical gross but not its total figures.

The re-release needs to make a further $38 million this weekend in order for Avengers: Endgame to be crowned the highest-grossing movie in history. That’s not a ton of money, but with the additional content on offer coming off as a bit underwhelming, it’s unclear if enough fans will head out to cinemas to give the film the bump it requires.

Source: Reddit

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