Avengers: Endgame Re-Release Tickets Now On Sale


You’ve got to hand it to Marvel Studios. Even though Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to swing into theaters next week, folks are still talking about Avengers: Endgame – which, mind you, released back in April. That’s not to say fans aren’t looking forward to Spidey’s upcoming sequel, but it does go to show the power that an interconnected universe has.

I mean, how you can talk about only one of these films, anyway? Especially now that Endgame’s quickly closing in on Avatar’s all-time worldwide record. James Cameron’s sci-fi epic has held the crown for nearly ten years but Anthony and Joe Russo’s Infinity War sequel has so far brought in $2.75 billion and is now set to make even more money thanks to a re-release that’s happening this weekend.

But when, exactly, can you get your tickets for this exciting event? Well, right now, actually, as Marvel has taken to Twitter to announce the following:

So, there you have it: tickets for the Endgame re-release are available now, and no doubt selling quickly as fans flock to their outlet of choice to secure their seat in theaters this weekend. Though that being said, it’s likely that many will leave their showing of the film disappointed.

After all, there’s really not that much being included in the re-release that’s worth getting excited about. Sure, it’ll be nice seeing an intro from Russo and another sneak peek at Far From Home is welcome, but does that warrant going back for another viewing?

Of course, there’s also that unfinished deleted scene, but given that we’ve heard it doesn’t really add anything substantial to the story and is basically just a fun little moment for fans, it feels like this re-release is little more than a cash grab as the film tries to best Avatar‘s record.

But who knows? Maybe Marvel’s got a few more surprises up their sleeve that they haven’t announced yet. In any case, we’ll find out this weekend when Avengers: Endgame heads back to theaters.

Source: Fandango