These Avengers: Endgame Set Photos May Prove That Tony Doesn’t Die


The trailer for Avengers: Endgame opens with Tony Stark contemplating his own imminent death on a spaceship that’s drifting through the cosmos. Things sound pretty bleak: he’s already out of food and water and the oxygen will be gone by the next morning. Unless Endgame is going to be a downer the likes of which blockbuster cinema has never seen before though, it’s unlikely that it’ll see Tony Stark suffocating to death. This would be an incredible anticlimax for one of the most beloved heroes of the MCU, so it’s fortunate that we pretty much have cast-iron confirmation now that he’s going to be rescued somehow.

Said proof comes in the form of some set pics from the film’s shoot, showing Scott Lang, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers apparently traveling back in time to the Battle of New York. If we’re getting into the realm of time travel, then it’s possible that this Stark is from an alternative universe or timeline – or perhaps simply a past version of him – but I have to say, this looks pretty much like the Stark we’ve come to know and love over the years, don’t you think?

See for yourself:

The real question though is not whether Stark (and Nebula) survive, but how? The most interesting fan theory I’ve heard is that the pair somehow manage to save themselves. For example, while Stark might be slowly dying, Nebula seems fine. This could be due to her cybernetic implants being able to maintain her organic body in the absence of food, water and oxygen. So, what if she ends up helping Stark graft his body with interstellar cybernetics?

You’d have to imagine this would be the last roll of the dice for Stark, especially as he seems to be giving up being Iron Man at the opening of Infinity War, but if it would save his life, then who knows? Then again, it’ll probably end up being Captain Marvel who saves them in Avengers: Endgame because at this point, who else is there?