Avengers: Endgame Star Chris Evans Thanks Marvel Fans In Heartfelt Message


Over the weekend, the hashtag #ThankYouAvengers has been trending on Twitter, as fans reflect on the recent era of superhero cinema that the new Avengers: Endgame draws to a close. And in a recent tweet from Chris Evans, the Captain America actor offers some kind words of his own to the filmgoers who’ve stuck with the MCU all this time.

The star keeps his message short and sweet, while also introducing a hashtag:

“Some of these #ThankYouAvengers posts are incredibly touching. I’m feeling a deep sense of gratitude today


If you’ve found the time to see Endgame already (and if not, then be warned that spoilers lie ahead), then you’ll know that the film brings some closure to the journey of Steve Rogers. What’s more, despite some fans being very nervous about the fate of the First Avenger, Cap managed to make it out of this adventure in one piece, albeit nearing the end of his life.

Though the film heavily implies that Evans has now left the franchise, we can still expect to see a Captain America on our screens in the MCU’s next era, given that Steve ends his final film by passing his shield on to Falcon. Presumably, Sam Wilson will be using his newly inherited title in the Falcon and Winter Soldier TV series, which is expected to be among the first MCU shows coming to Disney Plus.

As for whether or not we can expect to see Steve in a future outing, it could be argued that Avengers: Endgame leaves open the possibility of the character returning, be it in an alternate timeline, or during his many decades spent with Peggy. But if reports in recent months are anything to go by, then it’s perhaps more likely that Evans’ next MCU project will feature the star in a directing capacity.

Source: Twitter

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