Avengers: Endgame Teased Fat Thor Before The Five-Year Time Jump

Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

None of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s characters have faced quite as much tragedy as Thor. Sure, the rest of the franchise’s ensemble have seen major setbacks and losses of their own, but their misfortune can’t hold a candle to what’s befallen the God of Thunder over the last decade.

He’s lost the love of his life in Jane Foster, seen both of his parents and siblings die right in front of his very eyes, watched a fire demon destroy Asgard before Thanos showed up and wiped out half of the realm’s surviving population, and then blamed himself for failing to stop the Mad Titan wielding the power of the Stones in Avengers: Infinity War when he didn’t go for the head.

Thor’s story across the Infinity Saga’s two closing chapters was arguably the most interesting and complex arc among the entire sprawling ensemble as we saw a broken shell ravaged by guilt and despair, a far cry from the confident hero he’d previously always been depicted as. Fat Thor might have been one of Avengers: Endgame‘s highlights who was frequently used as comic relief, but we never lost sight of the Odinson’s determination to atone for his past mistakes.

His transformation from chiseled demigod to slobbish layabout was hinted at though even before he finally managed to decapitate Thanos the second time around in the opening stages of Endgame. While the Avengers are discussing their options for taking the fight to the intergalactic genocidal maniac, Thor can be seen quietly sitting in the corner and intently listening to the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes bicker among themselves.

Not only does he stay out of the conversation, but he’s seen drinking a can of beer and chowing down on a bowl of bread, which foreshadows his imminent descent into alcohol and carb-fuelled misery that informed the rest of his journey throughout the movie.

As ScreenRant explains:

While the God of Thunder’s physical transformation came as a shock, Endgame already dropped a clue about it early on before the movie’s title card was revealed. After Iron Man’s scathing speech about how Captain America refused to believe him when he proposed they’d be more prepared for another extra-terrestrial attack, the remaining heroes discuss what they’re next step would be. Captain Marvel’s (Brie Larson) suggestion that they get Thanos was met with varying opinions from the group, but it’s in Thor’s reaction to the situation that his future is mapped.

While his fellow heroes discussed what was needed to be done, Thor silently sat in a corner, listening to the commotion. Crucially, the God of Thunder can also be seen munching on a bowl of bread with a can of beer in front of him. This hinted at his tendencies to use eating and drinking as coping mechanisms for his depression. At this point, Thor still hoped he’d get a chance to beat Thanos, that there could still be a way to fix the galaxy and he could make amends for his failure. Nonetheless, it’s clear that he’s pissed at Thanos and how he’s able to sneakily accomplish the decimation right in front of him. Seeing him resort to carb-loading and alcohol-drinking while the rest of the team was busy debating what they need to do next implies that he sought food for himself perhaps as a way to calm himself down. As comfort.

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