Avengers: Endgame Merchandise Reveals New Look At The Team

chris evans captain america

We’re only about 10 weeks away now from Avengers: Endgame hitting cinemas and remarkably, we still know very little about what’s pretty much the most highly anticipated movie of the year (it’s a close run thing with Star Wars: Episode IX, but we think Marvel wins out here). As such, fans are still relying on leaked merchandise to learn anything they can about what’s in store for the surviving heroes in the fourth Avengers movie.

Thankfully, then, we’ve got some new theater merch which gives us another look at the characters who are still around following the apocalyptic events of Avengers: Infinity War. Seen in the gallery below, there’s a popcorn box which features Captain America and Thor, while another image showcases the rest of the the gang. Iron Man hogs the limelight with a hovering Captain Marvel by his side. Below them, meanwhile, are a suited Hulk and Rocket and War Machine ready for battle.

Of course, merchandise like this is also our only way to see Carol Danvers team up with the rest of the gang right now, as Marvel seem keen to withhold her from the marketing for Endgame, at least until Captain Marvel arrives next month. In fact, so conspicuous by her absence is Brie Larson’s heroine that some fans think she might even have been digitally removed from those group shots in the recent TV spot.

Another thing this image is useful for is giving us another look at Hulk’s new get-up. The Jade Giant has never been one for clothes, but it seems that he’ll decide to don a costume to fit in with his pals in Endgame – and yes, it’s purple. It’s theorized that maybe this is because the character will be more of an amalgam between Bruce Banner and the other guy this time around (AKA something like Professor Hulk from the comics).

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but we’re expecting another trailer at the Oscars, so maybe that’ll give us Captain Marvel, Hulk’s new threads and even the group all together. If not, well, then we’ll see them unite when Avengers: Endgame arrives in cinemas on April 26th.