Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory Suggests The Real Reason Peter Left His Suit Behind


The first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home arrived earlier this month and revealed a detail about the sequel that we weren’t expecting – Peter Parker tries to leave his suit behind in order to have a regular vacation with his friends in Europe. As revealed in the international trailer, he only has it because Aunt May packed it for him.

This has become a bit of controversial moment for Spider-Man fans who feel it’s not like Peter to shirk from his responsibilities as a hero. Now, though, a new theory suggests that there could be a bigger emotional trauma than we realize behind Peter’s decision to leave the suit in New York.

Reddit user FurysDyre has argued that maybe Spidey’s wish to have a normal trip stems from a final message Tony Stark left him in Avengers: Endgame…before he died. It’s widely assumed that either Iron Man or Captain America, or both, may perish fighting Thanos and this theory has it that Tony will leave Peter some words of advice before he goes.

“Tony dies in End Game. Just before he dies, he have an emotional interaction with peter, telling him to make his life worth, to spend time with people who care about him. Tony has sacrificed a part of his life trying to protect the world from dangers. One cannot blame him , but he lost the time he could have had with pepper. So it makes sense if Tony says this. And a very emotional end for him.”

This would definitely be incredibly emotional, as fans have grown to love Tony and Peter’s surrogate father/son relationship over the past three films they’ve starred in, so to have it end like this would really pack a punch. It would also be an interesting inversion of Uncle Ben’s last words to Peter, which inspired him to be a hero in the first place.

That said, I’m not entirely convinced there needs to be a bigger reason at play here for why Peter left the suit behind. Spidey’s always wrestling with his desire to be normal and also his duty to help others – it’s kind of his core character trait. Going to Europe without his get-up in Spider-Man: Far From Home is surely just another example of this. But hey, maybe it’ll be a callback to something that happens in Endgame.

Source: Reddit