Avengers: Endgame Tickets Expected To Go On Sale Very Soon


While Avengers: Endgame tickets have been available to book in some territories for over a week now, Marvel fans in North America have yet to be given the opportunity to reserve their seats, but for what it’s worth, the wait may soon be over.

You might have noticed that there’ve been quite a few reports going around lately about theater chains and ticket sites being told provisional runtimes and updating their Endgame pages. AMC Theaters has even hinted at plans for a 22-movie Marvel marathon on the week of the film’s release. Well, between all this activity and the fact that we’re now just one month and one day away from seeing the pic arrive in theaters, it’s becoming an increasingly popular prediction that domestic pre-sales are just around the corner.

At the moment, no date for advance tickets has been officially announced, though a report from last month indicated that bookings may open on April 2nd. But if eight days from now isn’t soon enough, some social media users are predicting that tickets could become available as soon as this week. Either way, once those tickets go on sale, we’ll certainly know about it, as you can expect a frantic rush from the fans to book the first seats.

In the meantime, here’s hoping we aren’t far away from learning the official runtime of the film. In recent days, we’ve seen a few placeholder lengths pop up on cinema sites, some of which fall slightly above the three-hour mark. And if the Avengers: Infinity War sequel really is going to be that long, fans and theaters alike will surely want to be told so they can schedule accordingly. After that, we’ll find out if Avengers: Endgame is worth all the fuss when it finally comes out on April 26th.

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